Friday, September 13, 2013

Sour Cherry by Nichole Severn Spotlight & Review


Cherish "Cherry" Williams has been betrayed by her own motorcycle club. After a late night package delivery goes bad, the club president wants her head. With every member of the club out looking for her, she seeks help from the last place they'd suspect--behind enemy lines.

Cooper Nolan was supposed to be a one-night stand. Now he's her only hope of survival. But the Vice President of Satan's Army has secrets of his own, and war between their clubs is inevitable if he doesn't turn Cherry over to her president.

As connection after connection unravels, Cooper and Cherry's days--and lust-fueled nights--become a race against time. Will she and her hot, sexy bartender choose love and trust over duty and image--or will murder, corruption, and lies turn Cherry and the best night of her life into nothing more than a memory?

My Review: 4 1/2 stars

I definitely liked the way that Nichole wrote Cherry. She was funny, intelligent, sexy and could laugh at what life was handing her. Granted, most of the time it was inappropriate laughter, but laughter just the same. I like characters who can laugh at life when it's kicking them. And make no mistake, that's exactly what life was doing to Cherry. She also had an unexpected lifeline in Cooper. He's not supposed to be helping her, but he is. He's also the VP to another club, and 6'3" of hot, tattooed, muscle with a sexy laugh and a little bit of kink in his system. They work through things and each of them is in for a few surprises. Most are not good. But there are a few that are, and they're worth it. 

This was a good book. A few errors here and there, but still a good read. The writing is great, leading you from one scene to the next seamlessly. I loved the opening to the story, where Cherry is trying to figure out why she just got smacked in the face with a skate board and has a broken nose; awesome! The connection between Cherry and Cooper, definitely hot. I really liked that Nichole wrote about bikers. I've got a soft spot for them. 

I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

About the Author:

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada where she spent most days at her grandmother’s house getting into trouble with her cousins, Nichole Severn has migrated to the Salt Lake City valley to be closer to family.
She graduated with a degree in psychology from Utah Valley University, which stemmed from her obsession with serial killers, and received her bachelors in English Literature from Nevada State. Over the years, she’s been in retail, insurance, and miscellaneious jobs, but has settled for her lifelong passion in publishing. The serial killer obsession has toned down…a little.
She resides with her very supportive, albeit patient, husband in Sandy, Utah, where she enjoys running, rock climbing, snowboarding, and action movies.
Nichole can be contacted through her website at, email at, Twitter at @nicholesevern or Facebook.

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