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Jared's Virginity & Massage With Happy Ending by JB Brooks Spotlight with Giveaway & Excerpts

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Jared's Virginity Cover SM
Jared's Virginity by JB Brooks 
Publication Date: August 13, 2014 

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Not all virgins are innocent. After the death of his twin, Jared’s life falls apart and it seems nothing can reach him. Then he spies a mysterious woman pleasuring herself and obsession replaces depression. Surprisingly she seems to enjoy his voyeurism but makes no move to take things further. 

Prodded on by a raging lust for the unattainable beauty, Jared devises a strategy to make her his. If he succeeds he will never be the same again…because the first time changes everything. 

Inside Scoop: This story takes place twelve years before the events of Massage With Happy Ending. While the books can be enjoyed separately, to get the full story, reading both is recommended.

At the far end of the oval there was a gate in the fence. It had a chain and padlock holding it closed but the padlock was never snapped shut, so Jared unhooked it, passed through and put the chain back. Then he turned and followed the path.
He was in a green alley between the backs of two rows of houses that bordered the school grounds. The alley widened as he progressed along the path until it opened out into a rectangular park. A tiny stream ran along the middle of the rectangle and the whole area looked slightly unkempt. Jared loved it, with its droopy trees, shaggy grass and the rattling clumps of reeds along the stream. The houses that lined the park had doors in their back fences so that the residents could come out to walk their dogs or watch their children play. Only the people who lived there used it, so it was very private.
There was a bench under one of the trees. As always Jared was drawn to it and went to sit down even though he should have been hurrying home to beat the rain. At this hour of the evening, with the threatening storm darkening the air, the park was empty. He looked around and imagined for a few moments that he lived in one of the pleasant houses that bordered the little green haven. It was so peaceful.
He sighed and slipped his hand into his backpack, next to him on the seat. His fingers closed around his notebook and he pulled it out. He flipped to the page that got him in trouble earlier that morning.
Mr. Hadrian had caught him dreaming and doodling in his math lesson. He studied the doodle. It was large and intricate, done in black pen, and covered half a page. At first glance it looked like a random mess of swirls and scribbles but concealed in the chaos was a picture of a woman’s cunt.
He hadn’t intended to draw it—not at all. The doodle had started out as a couple of ovals and some curved, bracket-like lines around them, but then his imagination had been triggered. He enlarged and embellished, adding extra lines to represent the clit and the inner labia, scribbling in pubic hair and a little asterisk to represent the puckered anus below. He drew streams of ejaculate dripping from the cunt’s lips and then on a whimsy he sketched a rocket launcher and a rocket, complete with flaring jets, aiming at the vaginal opening. He filled in the surrounding spaces with random shapes and swirls.
Jared would have bet good money that nobody else in the world would be able to discern what the picture was—it was impossible to see it in the tumult of ink on the page. But when Mr. Hadrian stopped next to his desk and looked down, the perverted bastard knew what it was immediately. He marched Jared off to the principal’s office. Poor Dr. Herbert was unconvinced—all he could see was a conglomeration of shapes and squiggles—but Mr. Hadrian was insistent and Jared didn’t deny it, so detention was meted out.
A single drop of rain landed on his notebook with a heavy splash and the thunder rumbled but Jared remained sitting on the bench. He tipped his head back, hoping to feel cool raindrops on his face, but no more fell. The clouds weren’t ready to part with their bounty yet.
It grew darker as he sat under the tree, and lights blinked on in the surrounding houses.
When it was almost dark he got up reluctantly, slung his pack over his shoulders and walked slowly toward the far end of the park. The gradient sloped from right to left and on the low side he could see over the fences into the gardens and houses. Through the brightly lit windows he caught intriguing glimpses of rooms and people—mothers preparing meals, kids doing their homework or watching TV, a man sitting behind his computer at his desk—all getting on with their lives and oblivious to him as he passed slowly by in the shadows outside.
Then he saw something that stopped him in his tracks. He was peering through the branches of some trees into a bedroom, furnished in white and lit with golden down lights. A wide bed was positioned against the opposite wall so that the window framed it as if it were on stage. On the bed was a naked woman. Her hair was loose, flowing off the side of the bed in a dark-red wave, and her legs were spread wide.
Copyright © 2014 JB Brooks. All rights reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing

 Massage With Happy Ending SM
Massage With Happy Ending by JB Brooks 
Publication Date: August 13, 2014 

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Lolly doesn't regret her decision to impersonate a sex worker while researching a magazine article. But when she runs into her sexy “customer” again at an island resort, the situation gets too hot to handle. 

Jared likes his sex kinky and his women curvy. Left wanting more after his encounter with the Rubenesque Lolly, he makes her a scorching offer when he sees her again unexpectedly—four nights of BDSM sex and surprises for four thousand dollars. 

Lolly wants to tell him the truth but fears he’ll rescind his offer if he finds out she’s not a professional. 

But when business turns to more than pleasure, both end up with more than they bargained for.

“So how does it feel to have your bad-golfer-ass whipped?” I taunted.
“I don’t know. I always do the whipping.” Given how he played I didn’t think he was talking about golf but I ignored his innuendo.
“Not today!” I was pushing my luck and I knew it.
“Would you care to bet on that?” he asked softly.
“What do you have in mind?” I purred, sliding into the cart and pressing up close to him. Arousal, never far when I was around him, thumped through my veins and settled, hot and heavy, between my legs. This wasn’t going to be about gambling for money and I was willing and eager to play along. He started to drive.
“There are eight holes left to play. If you beat me again on any one of them I’ll let you tie me to your bed and do anything you like to me. You can even whip me if that’s what you want.”
My heart skittered and my mouth went dry at the image that popped into my mind. His naked body, all glowing, golden skin, spread-eagled on my white, Egyptian-cotton sheets. Broad leather restraints with heavy buckles securing massive arms and legs that strained and pulled—not from a wish to escape but from a maddening desire to get his hands on me, to roll me beneath him and exact his revenge by dominating me in the most primitive way possible…fucking me into submission.
“And if you beat me on all eight holes?”
His lips curved but the smile was dangerous. “I get to tie you up, of course.”

Copyright © 2014 JB Brooks. All rights reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing 

About the Author

JB Brooks

Craving something different? JB writes gasping-hot erotic fiction for readers who hunger for extraordinary passion every day. Sometimes humorous, sometimes dark, her creations are passionate and earthy. A survivor of the corporate world, JB spent twenty years in the IT industry, from which she finally escaped, allowing her to indulge her true passion...creating unusual erotic encounters for her imaginary friends! 

JB is an ex-South African and lives with her extended family in Queensland, Australia's sunshine state. She feels privileged to coexist, in relative peace and harmony, with her husband, daughter, parents, grandmother and two slightly crazy ex-racehorses. She loves to write - anytime, anywhere - and could not survive without the techno-gadgets which make this possible. JB is a firm believer in lust at first sight, and love ever after.

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