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Rocked (Lost In Oblivion Book #1) by Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn Book Blitz with Review

Rocked by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott 

(Lost in Oblivion #1) 
Publication date: April 9th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

Book 1 in the NA rock star series, Lost in Oblivion

Love definitely wasn’t on the setlist.

Opening for their idols on their first tour, Oblivion is living the dream. Mostly. Frustrated at being shoved out of his mediator role by their new manager, Deacon McCoy loses himself in brutal workouts. He only comes up for air long enough to refuel—and to tease the deliciously cute chef who makes him crave a lot more than what she’s offering on her serving plate.

As the child of roadie parents, Harper Pruitt has heard every pickup line twice. To her, musicians are one step above the scraps on her cutting board. All she wants is to get enough experience to run her own catering company, but Deacon and his bottomless stomach are too tempting to resist. He’s far from the typical rock star and before long, she finds herself experimenting with him, inside and out of the kitchen.

Apron – and panties – optional.

When Harper sees that Deacon’s dream band with his best friends may be turning into a nightmare, she can’t walk away. Deacon’s so much more than just a peacemaker and the man behind the bass. But she has her own dreams to chase…even if she’s starting to think what she’s building with him might be the biggest one of all.

You met Deacon McCoy in SEDUCED, now you can watch just how far a big man can fall.


My Review: 5 stars
What cay I say about this book? It was so freaking hot to read this, just like I knew it would be. Taryn and Cari have made this band quite the sexy, down-to-earth, real rock stars with a lot more than music on the mind. Deacon has intrigued me since I finished reading Seduced (Book 0.5) in the series, because he is so together and kept everyone else that way as well. Meeting Harper changed everything for Deacon. He couldn't get her out of his mind, and she was just as bad. Harper is unlike any of the other people Deacon had met, she's lived the life of a roadie and is determined not to let Deacon get to her, no matter how hard that may be. Deacon, on the other hand, wants Harper and pursues her relentlessly. He knows they have a connection unlike any he's ever had before and doesn't want to let that go. 

This book was a great combination of foodie and rock and roll, some oh my god heart stopping chemistry and sex between Harper and Deacon took everything to a whole new level. It was also about the reality of being a band on the road for the first time, and the people who try to take advantage of the hunger for success that all musicians have. There is so much more to this book than a romance, it's a very well written, complex book with many levels of issues in relationships, whether it's the band, Harper and Deacon, or the people who have been considered part of the "Family" that is Oblivion, the friction between different bands. 

This series is unlike any other band book I've read. It's just more. You've got to read it for your self, because my words don't even come close to doing this justice. Taryn and Cari are excellent at what they do. I fell in love with each and every character they have in the band for my own reasons, and because they're so different and unique. I do have to admit that I am a part of their Facebook Group, The Word Wenches, and they are so much fun to be around - all the Wenches. 

TARYN ELLIOTT comes from the great state of New York—upstate, thank you very much. She’s usually busy making up stories with her best friend until the wee hours of the morning, or fangirling over her favorite TV show. She falls in love with each and every one of her leading men as she writes their book, and there’s always a soundtrack to match.

She loves talking to readers, so if you’d like to reach her, please visit her website: and sign up for her newsletter, or drop her a line at:

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR CARI QUINN saves the world one Photoshop file at a time in her job as a graphic designer. At night, she writes sexy romance, drinks a lot of coffee and plays her music way too loud. When she’s not scribbling furiously, she’s watching men’s college basketball, reading excellent books and causing trouble. Sometimes simultaneously.

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  1. Love your review. It really covers the essence of Rocked! I devoured the book the second that it hit my hands and sleep was optional. Taryn and Cari are both excellent writers in their own right, but together, they're unstoppable!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I love Taryn and Cari's work, separately or even better together! I am loving this series and can't get enough!! :)

  2. Awesome review! These two authors pull out all the stops!