Friday, May 2, 2014

Stop Dragon My Heart Around by Susannah Scott with Review

Book Title: Stop Dragon My Heart Around
Author:  Susannah Scott
Release Date: 4/28/2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Synopsis:
Lucky Leprechaun underwear ironed? Check.
Gold plated hearing aids? Check.
Pink doggy booties, times four? Check.

Tee is Vegas’s favorite casino hostess, ready to grant her high rollers their every quirky wish. But when her own wish to financially help her Paiute Tribe finally comes true, she decides to double-down with lady luck and go for a hot hook-up with her sexy boss, Leo. Unfortunately, Tee’s about to find out why their romance is such a long shot—Leo is a shape-shifting dragon.

Leo needs a proper dragon mate to save his waning dragon form, and despite their magnetic sexual attraction, he knows Tee is anything but proper—or a dragon. But when threats arise from Tee's tribe, Leo’s protective instincts kick in. Can he give up his dragon form for the woman he loves—even if it means shortening his life? Or has Tee finally had enough of having her heart dragged around?

Tagline: Can her love save him or will she be his downfall?

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My Review:  5 stars
I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed this book. I loved that Tee and Leo wanted each other for so long. I loved even more that Leo wouldn't pursue Tee because she didn't have his mate mark, at least that's what he thought. Leo was trying to do the right thing and let Tee go, even though he knew his dragon was starting t fade. Tee, for her part, tried her damnedest to get Leo to admit that he cared for her, because she could feel the tension when they were together. There were a lot of things going on in this book, and as always Susannah did a fantastic job of writing it. Ups, downs, twists and turns, some really unexpected twists, but always entertaining and so sexy. I love Susannah's dragons and can't wait for more!
Author Bio:
SUSANNAH SCOTT writes hot, paranormal romance with dragon and a whole lot of Vegas Bling! You can see a snippet of her latest book, Luck of the Dragon, here.
Susannah lives with her family in the Southern Missouri Ozarks and loves to hear from readers. She is most active on Facebook (Susannah Scott, Author), but you can also connect with her on Twitter (@Susannah_Scott ), Goodreads, Pinterest, and her author website.

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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful read/review!

    1. Anytime, Susannah!! You know I love you. <3