Monday, February 17, 2014

The Best Man by Michelle Lee with Excerpt, Book Trailer & Review

Those eyes, those lips, that body. Kassidy Marshall has always been that perfect picture of cool, calm and in control. Always in control; until she meets the best man, Ryan Davis (or as his friends call him, just Davis).

Now she feels anything but in control and she cant stop the dreams she keeps having of him, even though she finds him extremely attractive but also extremely frustrating.

Will she be able to resist him, or will she fall for The Best Man?

He can only hope....

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For some odd reason I just stand there paralyzed, it is as if my feet are encased in concrete. I feel my breathing accelerate as I gaze into his eyes. The room is spinning and I am mesmerized. Until now I really hadn't looked this closely at Davis. Sure, I have noticed previously that he is as hot as fuck, but something is different tonight.

I hear my inner self clapping, uncontrollably.

I am staring and he just stares back in complete silence. I am pulled closer to him, but not by his arms or hands, but simply by his presence. I feel as though I am a moth and he is the flame. Two magnets being pulled to each other.

My Review: 5 stars
This book had me laughing so hard right from the beginning. I knew I would love it from the first page, and I was so right. Michelle kept me cracking up as Kassidy and her inner-self had conversations that were mostly hilarious. I loved that she kept giving herself peptalks, and arguing with herself about what she wanted. Kassidy's friends, Chloe and Macy were awesome, and so free with their conversations and interrogations. They were great friends all the way around. Sexy hair guy, Davis or Ryan, whatever you want to call him was perfect for Kassidy. He seemed to be all cocky and a player, and he used to be, but had changed before he met Kassidy. I loved their playfulness and the teasing conversations between Kassidy and Davis. They were great. There are some misunderstandings and things are said and done, but at the end of the book it was really great. Put a smile on my face anyway. Excellent job Michelle, I loved everything about this book, especially the inner arguments!

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Michelle Lee lives in the heart of Nascar Country in Concord, North Carolina with her husband and daughter.  When she’s not busy working, her days are filled with hanging out with her family and friends, reading,  drinking Starbucks, shopping (lots and lots of shopping), and religiously watching the Food Network.

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