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Toxic by Meghan Quinn with Giveaway, Excerpt, Book Trailer, Playlist, Dream Cast from the Author & Review

Title: Toxic

Author: Meghan Quinn

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

His life consists of his best friend, Jack Daniels, his favorite drug and women who give him what he wants and leave. Rook Tyler lives for performing at night and wasting the rest of his days washing away the pain from his childhood so he doesn’t have to feel anything...ever. The only people he trusts are his band mates from Shattered Souls and he wants to keep it that way. His life was completely under control and simple until he heard the voice of Maisy Madison filter through The Tavern speakers.
Growing up in the foster care system with her two other band mates from Twisted Perfection, Maisy finds herself doing pretty much anything to get her and her band noticed but nothing seems to be working.  One lucky night, Shattered Souls, the most popular band in the country, decides to show up at their little concert and luckily signs them on the spot and books them for their tour but the arena venues and massive amount of fans isn’t what has Maisy shaking in her heels.  It’s the deep baritone voice of Rook Tyler that haunted her dreams for years that has her wondering if she can actually go through with the tour.
The force is almost too strong.  He can feel her everywhere he goes and no matter how much he tries to resist her, he finds himself gravitating towards Maisy, wanting to hold her, kiss her and fuck her. He knows he shouldn’t get involved.  He knows no matter what, he will end up hurting her but he can’t help it, his soul is connected to hers and the pull is too strong for him to resist.
Rook warned her time and time again but she didn’t listen, she didn’t want to listen. She needed him and she didn’t care that she knew deep down in her heart that their relationship was going to end in disaster. She didn’t care that their jealousies, stubbornness and baggage were getting in the way of their relationship. She didn’t care that they constantly hurt each other and that no matter what they did, their love was toxic.
Toxic, book one of The Addiction Series, tells the story of Rook and Maisy’s relationship, how it develops into an undeniable love and then crumbles apart every chance it gets.  Follow their twisted relationship as they fight off lies, temptations, addictions, users and try to overcome the toxic love they share.

Rook watched Cruz walk away and then turned and smiled at Maisy. She didn’t think she could handle the new Rook. She liked it better when she was considered a piece of mold on a garden gnome’s ass to Rook, it was much easier to handle her feelings. Now that he was being sweet, she didn’t know how to hide her infatuation that he so blatantly pointed out a while ago.
            “Did you have fun?”
            “What?” Maisy said trying to think about what the hell he was talking about because the only thing she could focus on was the way his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed. When did a damn’s Adam’s apple become sexy?
She loathed herself.
            He chuckled at her inability to focus. “The photo shoot, how did it go?”
            “Oh, good.” She felt herself flush.
            “Care to elaborate.”
            “Not really.”
            He nodded his head as he looked around.
            Damn this was awkward.
            “Maisy, come on.” Pete said while waving her toward a room in the back. Kaid and Willow were already walking away.
            “Ok.” She said while getting off her chair and walking past Rook. He grabbed her arm and turned her around so quickly she lost her balance and had to catch herself on his chest. She stood up quickly and brushed off her skirt which she had no clue why, it just seemed like the right thing to do at the moment.
            “Go out with me tonight.”
            “Excuse me?” If it was lady like, Maisy would have cleaned her ear out with her finger, cupped her ear and tilted her head toward Rook so she could hear him better, but she refrained herself.
            “We have an off night and I want to take you out.”
            “I don’t think that’s a good idea. The media…”
            “Won’t be involved.” Rook finished for her. “I don’t plan on going very far. Say yes.” His soulful blue eyes pleaded with her and she knew there was no way in hell she would be able to deny him tonight.

Demons – Imagine Dragons
Flapper Girl – The Lumineers
Last Love Song – ZZ Ward
Hear You Me – Michael Henry & Justin Robinett
She’s Long Gone – The Black Keys
I Lived – One Republic
Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
All the Pretty Girls – Fun
Every Teardrop is a Waterfall – Coldplay
Guilty Filthy Soul – AWOLNATION
Titanium – Boyce Avenue
Story of My Life – One Direction (I have no shame whatsoever)

My Review: 5 stars
This was such a good read, I didn't want to put it down for anything. The characters were gripping, compelling and some were seriously fucked up. I loved reading about how the bands met, and the reaction that Rook had to Maisy, even when he didn't know it was Maisy. I loved how they got everything right and everything wrong all at the same time. All the relationships in this book were twisted in one way or another. With the exception of the bands themselves; those seemed to me to be perfect examples of family you choose. Sometimes you'd like to rip their head off, but no one is going to be doing that but you. There were plenty of triangles to go around, and some that others were unaware of. Willow and Grey had the same instant attraction that Rook and Maisy had, but Grey has a girlfriend, Quinn who travels with them. Loved the band names, original and fitting for each band. I'm not going to go into the relationships, because it's too complicated for a reviewer to get into, let's just say that those are the two main romantic relationships, but there is always something else going on. The end of this book just blew me away. I figured something like that would happen, but damn. That was some seriously messed up shit to pull. Looking at it from Rook's perspective, he somehow thought he was protecting Maisy by doing what he did. From my objective perspective, he could have chosen to do many other things, but what's done is done now. After reading the end, I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to punch a couple of people in the face for being such asses, and I wanted to cry again. I cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out to see where things go from where they left off. There were quite a few things left up in the air, and I can't wait to see how things for both bands go from here. They will be changing, there is no doubt about that. I'm pretty certain this is the first book I've read from Meghan, and I completely enjoyed it from start to finish. She definitely kept me on my toes with this one, and I'm glad that I could read it all in one day, because I'm not sure I could have taken the anticipation and the waiting - even if it was to go to sleep. She's definitely on my to-read list of authors from now on.

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