Monday, June 2, 2014

Switching Lanes (Unspoken Truth #2) by Renea Porter with Review

Switching Lanes
Unspoken Truth Series
Book Two
Renea Porter

"They say time heals all wounds, I have nothing but time" 

Renee is back at college after taking the first semester off. Starting her second year of year college isnt going to be easy, especially after suffering a loss that is very recent and she continues to struggle with her own demons. Lucky for her, she has a boyfriend that she can lean on during her dark days. But will he be enough? 

Layne suffers from the same loss, and she took his heart with her when she went. Back to his playboy ways he will do anything to numb the pain. Drag racing his race car is the only thing keeping him sane. 

How will the two cope with their loss? Does time really heal all wounds or will the unspoken truth consume them for good?

My Review: 4 1/2 stars
This was a very good and emotional follow up to Driving Layne. I loved reading about Layne and Renee. I knew that they were best friends, but I was blown away by the tenderness that they both showed the other. I loved how both Layne and Renee gave each other time to deal with their grief. I loved when Layne punched Derek in the face, cause he sooo deserved that. What an ass. I was really glad that Renee took the time to make herself better and focused on that for a while. I was also glad that she made friends not only with Alexis, but Cole as well. Layne and Renee both were so afraid of their new feelings initally. But I loved that once Layne let his be known, Renee didn't hold back either. I loved that Layne called Renee on her crap. I really loved the end and hope for so much more for both Layne and Renee. I'd really love to read more about Alexis and Cole as well. That's got to be an interesting story! Once again Renea did a fantastic job writing about more than believable characters and what they went through together. Love this series!

Renea loves to read. And her passion is writing. Renea Porter resides in PA with her  husband of over ten years, along with her awesome stepson. She can be found with either her phone, laptop or kindle in one hand. She also loves to bake when she makes the time to do so. 

Twitter: @Renea_Porter

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