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The Beginning (Dirty White Candy #1) by Anita Cox with Book Trailer, Chapter One Excerpt & Review

The Beginning
Dirty White Candy Book 1
Anita Cox
Genre: Erotic Contemp Romance
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Date of Publication:  February 17, 2014
Number of pages: 184

ARe    BN    Kindle   Paperback

Book Description:  
Traded in for a younger, newer model by the only man she’s ever made love to, thirty-something Candy Kavana finds herself craving human interaction of the carnal nature. Shy and sexually repressed, Candy turns to her best friend, Stacy, for advice. And what advice it is!

Candy nervously dives into sex therapy and what she discovers is more than mind-blowing sex. She discovers a side of herself she never dreamed existed. Now that she’s whet her whistle, she can’t get enough. Just how far is Candy willing to take her sexual exploration?

Chapter 1

Sex was never anything I’d craved in the past. I had yearnings, don’t get me wrong, but they were generally for ice cream, pizza or a cigarette. Sex had always seemed like a natural addition in a relationship, like having cream with your coffee, not a necessity.
But after my douchebag husband up and traded me in for a younger model, I found myself alone and missing something. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought I was just lonely and wanted human contact or simple interaction. Masturbation worked for a while, and since it had been a necessity during my marriage, I was fine continuing on in my single life. But then it began to take longer and longer to climax, and frustration became the theme of my after-hours life.
It didn’t take long for me to realize that sex was what I craved. Down and dirty, sweaty, no-holds-barred sex.
Fantasies began taking up most of my spare time as I imagined others touching me, kissing me and caressing my body. But I didn’t want a relationship. I didn’t want love, flowers, teddy bears and heartache. I’d had that, and it sucked.
No, I just wanted to fuck. While that may be crude, it was also true. But girls who had one-night stands were whores, and I didn’t want to be a whore. After all, I had a reputation to maintain.
I continued fantasizing until I thought I might go crazy, until one night over drinks, I confided in my friend Stacy. I needed sex, just not a relationship.
“Why is that anything to be ashamed of?” she said with a giggle. “Everyone needs a good pounding every now and again.”
My face flushed hot. “To be truthful, sex isn’t something I ever discussed with anyone, not even my ex. He did what worked for him and I accepted it. But it wasn’t enough. I need more; I deserve pleasure. I just don’t want to be a whore or a barfly. I don’t need that sort of reputation.” I took a long, hard drink, hoping to get enough of a buzz to help me relax.
Stacy swirled the straw in her glass, looking at the bottom of it as if she were deep in thought. “We’ve been friends for a long time. Because of that, I’ll tell you the truth. You’re one of my stuffiest friends.”
“I’m not stuffy!” I protested.
“You’re an uptight prude, Candy. You are as conservative as it gets.” She raised her eyebrow. “I’ve never heard you talk about doing anything naughty at all. There is no adventure in your life, no risk.”
Witty comebacks evading me, I began to pout while I sucked down the remainder of my drink.
“So, what if I don’t want to be uptight?” I asked before shaking my empty glass at the bartender.
“What?” I eyed her as I paid for my drink.
“Say something naughty.” Stacy leaned in toward me, her eyes dancing as she smiled. “Say something raunchy.”
“Here?” I leaned back in my chair, away from her.
“Yes. Now. Do it.”
“I will not! What if someone hears me?” My heart began thumping in my chest. What was she playing at?
There she sat, one eyebrow raised, arms crossed, firmly making her point. Stacy knew me better than anyone and she was convinced I was a prude.
It wasn’t that I wanted to be modest or judgmental. I was just inexperienced and easily embarrassed. My face burned red, but this time with anger. I wasn’t that demure and I was going to prove it. Unbuttoning my shirt to show a little more cleavage, I leaned toward her. “I’m so fucking horny, I could fuck every guy in this place dry and still beg for more.”
The shock on Stacy’s face only lasted a fraction of a second before it turned into a mischievous smile. “Well done. Now, come to my place tomorrow night around eight. Nick is out of town and I’m having a toy party.”
“Toy party?”
“You know ... sex toys. A woman comes and sets up different toys and explains how to use them. Sometimes she does a demonstration at certain parties.” Stacy grinned like a Cheshire cat. “Usually my parties.”
“And you do this when your husband is out of town?” Was she cheating on him? What did she mean by demonstration? How does one demonstrate sex toys?
“Yes, but only because he’s bashful. He loves it when I have these parties.”
“I didn’t know you were such a harlot,” I teased.
“You have no idea!” Stacy slammed back her drink and ordered another round.
My mind was reeling. I’d never used a toy. How did I get to be thirty-four and never use a toy? My heart raced a little at the thought of it. I could do this.
“What should I wear?” I would do this. I didn’t want to embarrass my friend, but I didn’t want to be overdressed either.
Stacy laughed at me again. “I love you.”
“Don’t tease! What do I wear?”
“You’re coming to my house. Wear what you want. I can’t believe the look of shock on your face when I mentioned toys and your first question is what to wear.” She shook her head.
“Stacy, please have some pity. I’ve never been to anything like this and I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. You’re my friend. Help me!”
“Fine. Wear something that makes you feel sexy. The main thing is to be comfortable. Some girls come in running suits, some come in what they wore to the office and some dress like hookers. Just be comfy. And leave the attitude at home. If you give someone a snotty look, I’ll kick your ass!”
I refused to protest again. She was always the brave and brazen one and I was a little on the shy side. Maybe I had come off as being a prude. Whatever the case, I was excited now.

My Review: 4 stars 
This book was just fantastic. I loved that Candy took control of her sexuality. I thought that it was pretty awesome that she just kept her mind open to all the possibilities and enjoyed new experiences. For someone who was basically cast aside, once Candy makes up her mind to get her sexy back, she's goes after it with a gusto. There are many different scenarios that are just smokin' hot and I say, good for Candy! I'm looking forward to reading the next book to see where this goes, and what more Candy learns about herself. If you're looking for a hot read and have an open mind, read this book. You will not be disappointed. Anita does a great job with both story line and the characters. Loved it!

About the Author:  

Anita Cox has an affinity with leather and high-heeled boots. The same vivacious attitude can be found in her erotic adventure and erotic romance. With her rock star husband, she plays in the lifestyle in which she writes, adding authenticity to her voice.

Anita likes to add strong female characters, even if they are a bit quirky. Her men are hot with just enough flaws to make them loveable.


  1. Whoa! What a review! Thank you so much. I truly appreciate the time you took to read and review my book for the tour.

    1. Thanks Anita! It was a fantastic read, and I'm looking forward to more. :)