Thursday, September 5, 2013

TZPP Anthology Sale Blog Blitz & Giveaway

For the month os September, The Zharmae Publishing Press is putting their two amazing Anthologies The Irony of Survival and Real Lies, on sale for only $4.99
A complete steal of a deal!

Release Date: June 17, 2013
Publisher: The Zharmae Publishing Press
421 Pages
Some Authors Include: Frances Pauli, Nyla Nox, James Wymore, and Jon Del Arroz

Description: Irony of Survival being the second in the Zharmae Anthology series takes a deeper look at survival and how irony’s effect on it can grow into something we may, or may not have anticipated. While we wonder to ourselves, how it managed to happen, it does. That is the law of irony, if the possibility exists, then the instant will occur.
So we must look beyond the instant, to the series of occurances and ask ourselves: Is this really what was meant to happen? The answer to that, in our heads at least, is no. The reality may be far different.
When I was asked to sum up the theme of this year’s top shorts obviously the title comes to mind. It’s simple, quick, and to the point. Does that really answer the question “What do the contest entries actually say about the theme, and what does that say about the reasoning behind the theme?” Probably no, and probably nothing at all. Now, when I say “Yes, we did just survive that; but it’s ironic that we did, because now, What the hell!” Is probably a better demonstration of the theme at hand. This is the look at life, and what it really takes to survive. How irony seems to play a dominant role in our lives with concurring thoughts such as: It worked out differently in my head. Or the ever so ingenious. I didn’t die on the trip to Mars, though I should have, only to be killed 12 hours after arriving by Martian children. Of course!
But why is this important?
Sometimes irony works to your advantage. Sometimes, irony is what helps you to survive in the first place, what allows you to see beyond the near term and envision a future that was not present before. Sometimes, the irony of surviving allows for the greatest of accomplishments.
Featuring the top rated short stories of the 2012 Annual Spring Writing Competition, the Irony of Survival takes a keen look at the future, while strolling along a summer park full of adventure, love, and fright. The stories within these covers are spectacular and compelling even for those who scoff Irony in the face.

Amazon Buy link: Irony of Survival

Release Date: Feb 1, 2013
Publisher: The Zharmae Publishing Press
390 Pages
Some Authors Include: Dan Pike, D.H. Aire, and Oscar Francesco

Book Description: Enter a world where fantasy and reality collide, where seeking answers only raises more questions, and the paths you choose can change everything you have ever known. The pages in this collection will send you on an adventure into the unknown to discover the truth about yourself and the world around you. Create and destroy destinies when facts and reasons fail in Robson's "Walk on By." Question reality with Lisabeth in "Onward Into Dark," where dreams come to life and the past returns to haunt those searching to escape the truth. Don't believe in escapism? Join the characters of Pike's "The Wolf of Descarta," as they face reality head-on and struggle against wild fantasies that eclipse life itself. But be careful, our dear readers. One bite of "reality" and you might wish you could wrap the illusions around your eyes once more because as you will find, the truth lies.

Amazon Buy Link: RealLies: A Zharmae Collection of Short Works (Zharmae Anthology Series)

If you're looking to discover some great new reads written by some amazing debut authors. These Anthologies can't be beat!

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