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Green: A Life Force Novel by S. Briones Lim Spotlight with Giveaway & Excerpt

Green: A Life Force Novel
The Life Force Trilogy
Book 1
S. Briones Lim
Genre: Paranormal Fiction
Date of Publication: 7/1/13
Cover Artist: S. Briones Lim

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Book Description:

Her family believed Immortality was a gift, but to Mattie it was a curse. Being a Life Hunter was nothing she would have ever wished upon herself, yet here she was, forced to hunt human Life Forces to sustain her life.

With no memory of her past or how she became such a monster, Mattie stays hidden in the backwoods of Brookesville with only her family to keep her company.

Despite the loneliness of her eternity, Mattie has grown to love her life - that is until she crossed the path of a human she couldn't bear to hunt.

With Hunter in the picture Mattie's life is turned upside down. Was love with a mortal possible? Unfortunately, Mattie has no choice but to find out.

“Why is that?” Oddly, it did hurt to hear him say it, though I couldn’t really blame him for feeling that way. I hated being immortal, myself.

“It’s just not natural. I don’t think I’d want to live more than one life. I mean living one life is hard enough, why put you through the misery of living multiples?”

“How is your life so hard?” I asked without thinking. I tensed up, feeling flustered. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

“No, it’s okay,” Hunter assured me, still continuing to ease my aching muscles. I immediately relaxed. He stayed quiet for a bit, making me wonder if I really had offended him. I was just about to apologize again when he said, “Everyone’s lives has hardships, Mattie. Sure mine are probably nothing compared to yours, but that goes to show you why I don’t think immortality is for me. I want to pay my dues and rest.”

“How are you sure that wherever the soul goes after death is better than this life?” I asked curiously. It was something that always bothered me, especially after Aunt Lucinda passed.

“It can’t be worse.”

I remained quiet. It probably wasn’t worse for people like him and it was probably a whole different story for Life Hunters like me. I licked my lips before speaking. “I don’t necessarily enjoy immortality, you know that. Yet, I’m afraid of what life after this holds for Life Hunters. We have killed, you know.”

Hunter let out a deep breath and then said the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. “I wish I knew what the afterlife holds for you, Mattie. I may not know for sure but I can almost guarantee that such a loving, gentle, genuine and sweet person, who loves her family more than her own breath, could only see the sweet promise of a paradise. No entity or being could ever think to condemn someone like you – someone as beautiful inside as she is outside.”

I was completely hushed. Even more so when Hunter removed his hand from my shoulder and brought it to my chin. He shifted slightly behind me and gently nudged my chin, turning my head to the side. My breath caught when I found him inches away from my face. We stared at each other intensely, self-consciousness completely absent. I felt the warmth from his breath bathe my lips, which I licked in response. Hunter’s eyes flew to my mouth where it lingered. I could have sworn I felt my lips tingle in anticipation. I waited impatiently for what may come only to be disappointed when Hunter sucked in his breath and turned away as if waking up from a distant dream.

I blinked a few times, trying to register what had just happened. Confused and concerned, I asked, “Is it because I’m a Life Hunter? Is it because I’m immortal?” I didn’t need to expand my thoughts because he knew exactly what I was talking about. 

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About the Author: 

Thanks to her mother’s unwavering devotion to read a bedtime story to her every single night, S. BRIONES LIM's love for books began before she could even speak. Author of the Life Force Trilogy, S. Briones Lim's other obsessions include time with family, POPCORN, sketching, movies and her pug, Tobi. She currently lives on the East Coast with her husband and continues to write every day.

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