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Alluring Turmoil by Skye Turner Review with Excerpt & Character Bios

Book Info-
Title- Alluring Turmoil
By- Skye Turner
Genre- Adult Romance
Publication Date- September 13, 2013

Alexia Sloane is the 26 year old owner of the highly successful Louisiana coffee shop/bakery, Java and Sweeties. The past couple of years have been all she’s dreamed of and her business takes all of her focus. All of her heart.

Jude Delecroix is the lead singer of one of the most famous rock bands in the country, Bayou Stix and the man who broke Lexi’s heart.

Lexi and Jude have a past.

When Jude comes back to town 8 years after leaving to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a famous musician and comes face to face with Lexi, forces collide, old hurts are brought to the surface, and life as these two have been living it will never be the same.

There are 2 sides to every story, and what happens when the things you believed to be concrete suddenly crumble like ash and fade away?

Welcome to Louisiana where humidity and passion are high and things are not always what they seem.

***Contains graphic sex and language. Not for young readers.***


Short history/bio on each of the main characters:

Jude Delecroix- The lead singer of the rock band Bayou Stix. He’s 27 and has lived the life of a rock star for the past 8 years. He’s realized his life is missing something and decides to head home to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to figure it out. He’s loved one woman in his entire life, Lexi Sloane.

Lexi Sloane- The owner of the highly successful Louisiana coffeeshop/bakery Java & Sweeties. She’s 26 and is a workaholic. All she does is work and spend time with her best friends. Her heart was broken 8 years ago by Jude Delecroix. She has focused on school and work since the breakup.

Erik- He’s the childhood best friend of  Lexi Sloane and Jude Delecroix. After the breakup, he’s stuck with Lexi. He’s her housemate, best friend, and protector. He’s also her partner at Java & Sweeties.

Bradi- She’s Lexi’s college roommate and best friend. 

Placing the cakes on the rack to cool, I fall back against the counter as I try to catch my breath and slow my racing heart.
My fists are clenched and I’m digging my nails into my palms trying to get my equilibrium back under control. Because all I really want to do is march back out there, to the middle of my shop, and climb onto him… and let him climb inside of me.
The urge to run my hands all over his body and explore the new tattoos with my fingers and tongue are so strong that the biting of my nails into my palm is literally the only thing stopping me.
The kitchen door opens, “Lex? Is everything ok?”
My Review: 4 1/2 stars
This is a great book. The characters were great, the story well written, the twists at the end important to both main characters and a bit stunning. Jude and Lexi were obviously made for each other. They are the other half to each other, whether they admit it or not. And at first, they don't, at all. Then they jump in with both feet, not knowing or addressing what happened before and they really, really should have. To me, I think the main point of the story is communication. You can lose out on so much if you aren't honest with the people you love and who love you in return. Unfortunately, that's difficult in today's world. Because of misconceptions, they lost 8 years that they could have been together. Now is their chance to get it right. I really enjoyed reading this, I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series. Can't wait to see what happens in that one. 
About the Author-

Skye Turner is an avid reader and an editor turned writer.

She attended Southeastern Louisiana University and Louisiana State University where she majored in Mass Communications, centering her studies in Journalism.

She lives in small town Louisiana with her husband, 2 children, and 4 fur babies.

When she's not chained to her laptop pounding out sexy stories she can usually be found playing Supermom, reading, gardening (playing in the dirt), listening to music and dancing like a fool, or catching up on her family oriented blog.


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