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Faithfully (Unexpected Love #2) by Izzy Cullen with Giveaway & Excerpt

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FAITHFULLY: Unexpected Love, Volume 2
Izzy Cullen

About Faithfully
The second book of Alex and Abby

Will there be a Happily Ever After for Alex and Abby?

With ten months until the wedding, Abby and Alex were learning to navigate their new relationship. Abby was learning to open up and allow Alex to help and be a part of her life with the girls. Alex was adjusting well to small town life and the roll of a stepfather.

However, when Alex takes in a new up and coming artist, who is young, beautiful and hot, will Abby be able to trust him or will Alex falter and return to his old ways?

The stress of the heart attack that Abby’s dad suffered, managing the pub and the new book agent paying extra special attention to Abby, would she be able to stay true to herself and Alex.

Alex and Abby fought hard to have what they had now, but would their love be enough to survive everything that life throws at them. Would ten months be long enough to solidify their bond, or too short, causing both of them to give up?

When we got to Alex’s, I ran in the house and nobody was around. I figured they were all still in the studio. I hadn’t been in there when they were working and felt uncomfortable heading in. I called Alex first, but it went to voicemail. I decided I would suck it up and head in. The girls were excited to get the tree and I couldn’t make them wait any longer. When I walked in, Alex was at the table with Eric and the sound guy. I never was really introduced to him. 
Johnny was sitting on the couch and Paige and the band were playing. I didn’t say anything, but just stood there. Paige was the first to see me and she stopped singing and motioned for the band to stop. That’s when Alex turned around and noticed me and looked at his watch.

            “Shit, I didn’t realize it was this late.” Alex stood and walked over to me. It seemed like all eyes were on us. “I don’t think I can make it. Can we go tomorrow?” I was mad, because he knew how excited the girls were about getting the tree today and decorating it tomorrow after it warmed up and dried out a bit.

            “No, I’m not telling them that. I’ll take them, you stay and finish.” I was pissed, and if Alex couldn’t tell, he was fucking blind.

            “We are almost done, and if we can get this finished before Paige leaves, then there is only one song left to record.” Alex said it like this fact was going to make it okay with me.

            “I’ll see you later.” I turned and walked out. I heard the door open behind me and I thought it was Alex coming to apologize, but it wasn’t. Johnny was shouting behind me.

            “Hey, Abby, do you care if I tag along? I don’t want to impose on a family thing.” Johnny had his hands in his pocket.

            “No, please come. I’ll need help cutting the tree down.” Johnny turned to head back in, probably to grab a warm jacket. I climbed in the car and turned the heat up.

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Unexpected Love
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About the Author
Izzy Cullen
I have dreamed about writing for years and I finally took the leap. What You Do To Me, Unexpected Love: Volume One is my first book with it's follow up Faithfully Unexpected Love: Volume Two due out July 2014.
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