Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Side Effects by Lisa Suzanne with Teasers & Review

Author: Lisa Suzanne
Genre: Contemporary Romance

She has been hurt. She has a past of lies, cheating, and pain. She has severe panic attacks when she’s in enclosed spaces, a side effect of a horrible accident caused by a man she thought she loved. Quinn Carpenter has a distinct type: bad boys with dark hair, dark eyes, and tattoos. Tyler, her friend with benefits, fits the bill perfectly. They have fun together and they both know that fun is where their relationship begins and ends.

Quinn’s life is exactly how she wants it until she meets Reed Porter, the typical pretty boy with blue eyes, blonde hair, and zero tattoos. He is the exact opposite of everything Quinn likes.

So why can’t she get the frustrating, preppy, blue-eyed Reed out of her head?

She isn’t interested in commitment. She doesn’t want a relationship. But Reed challenges her, he puts her in her place, and he makes her nervous. The confident Quinn is never nervous around men, so what is it about Reed that has her questioning everything? And what will be the side effects of attempting to juggle two men at the same time?


My Review: 4 1/2 stars
I love reading books from Lisa! They're always well written with great characters that you want to know more about and draw you in to the story. This was no different. I loved Quinn and I completely understand her reasoning for only wanting a "friend with benefits" style relationship. The only problem with that is once she meets Reed, who is totally not her style, things get complicated. Reed is completely wrong for Quinn, at least in her eyes. Personally, I think he's just what she needs, and so does he. The issue becomes a lot more interesting when Tyler, Quinn's "friend", wants more. Quinn is in a position she never thought she'd be in - trying to choose between two men. One who is her type but completely wrong for her, and one who isn't her type but is so completely right for her. There are a couple of twists along the way, and some missteps as well. I do love the ending however. Lisa always writes a compelling story. You've got to read this one! It's fantastic. 

Lisa Suzanne

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Lisa Suzanne started handwriting her books on yellow legal pads after she took a creative writing class in high school. She still has those legal pads full of stories, but now one of them is published under the title How He Really Feels. She currently works as a full time high school English teacher, and her favorite part of the year is summer. She has been blessed with the world’s best dog, a supportive family, and a husband who encouraged her to publish after reading one of her novels. She likes the advice of Ernest Hemingway’s famous quote, “Write drunk. Edit sober.”

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