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Unequaled (No Rival Series #3) by Charity Parkerson with Giveaway, Excerpt, Playlist & Review

Unequaled Banner Unequaled by Charity Parkerson
Publication Date: July 2, 2014
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Synopsis: Book 3 in the No Rival series
Kerry has hated Rhys from the moment she set eyes on him. They’ve never had an encounter that didn’t end with them both enraged. Paired up at his brother’s wedding, their clashing personalities come to a head and a daring wager is made. Rhys agrees to submit to Kerry for a single evening if she will do the same. Considering the sexual flavors Rhys has enjoyed in his past, it’s one bet Rhys is sure he can’t lose. But Kerry has a few secrets of her own and her plans for him land Rhys in a place he never expected, the arms of sexy Italian solicitor, Asher D’Ettore.

Asher becomes an obsession Rhys can’t shake. His alpha ways and confident mannerisms render all of Rhys’ usual charm useless. With his hard-earned reputation in the media spotlight, Rhys is forced to make a choice between his public persona and true love.

Inside Scoop: This sexy tale includes graphic sexual male on male encounters and fetish club references which could have you searching for one in your area.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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Awareness of Asher’s presence at his side never left Rhys. Not for a second. As he’d predicted, the warehouse where unsanctioned matches were held was packed to capacity five minutes after they arrived. The sound of fists cracking against flesh filled the air. People cheered and groaned with each blow depending upon which side their money rested.
The winner drew more applause than jeers when it ended. The arm raised in victory was covered from wrist to collarbone in an intricate tattoo. Shaggy blond hair dripped with sweat.
“I believe I have seen that gentleman somewhere before.” At Asher’s statement, Rhys looked closer at the man in question. He turned his head in their direction, almost as if he could feel them discussing him. Rhys dipped his chin in acknowledgment when their eyes met. Kurt returned the gesture.
“You have.” Rhys’ remark came out sounding dry. “He works the door at Affinity.”
With a silky chuckle, Asher shrugged. “I suppose it is good I am not as memorable as you.”
Turning an incredulous look on Asher, Rhys scoffed. “Are you kidding me? I haven’t been able to wipe you from my mind since setting eyes on you.”
Asher’s eyes shined with mirth. “I meant because of your title.” His gaze dropped to Rhys’ mouth before returning to his eyes. “In every other way, I am extraordinary.”
Don’t I know it, Rhys thought, resisting the urge to readjust himself.
“Next up we have Knox Collier. I hope everyone has their bets in.” The announcement caused the crowd to push forward. Somehow, Asher ended up at Rhys’ back in the crush. His brother’s familiar form ducked through the doorway of the cage.
“I would know you were related even if no one said as much. The two of you look very similar.” The sound of Asher’s voice floated over Rhys’ shoulder. The heat of Asher’s skin seeped through his shirt.
“Huh. I’ve never thought about it.”
Asher was close enough that Rhys could feel his nod. “The difference is in the countenance. Yours is charming smiles.”
“And Knox is hard,” Rhys finished Asher’s thoughts with a nod. “He had to step into the role of adult at a young age. Rigid living is all he knew before his wife.”
“So your parents are gone?”
Rhys nodded. He wasn’t ready to have that conversation. Luckily, Asher didn’t push for more. He shifted even closer behind him. “My money is on the other guy, by the way.” Asher’s lips brushed his ear when he spoke.
He didn’t touch him in any other way. Rhys’ body reacted the same as if Asher had stroked his shaft. In an attempt to call his body under control, he eyed the man in question. His hair had been shaved into some strange design on one side of his head. In spite of his odd appearance, he seemed every bit as fit as Knox. However, Rhys knew the truth. No one was as vicious.
“You’re betting against my brother?”
A low sounding laugh fell from Asher’s lips sending a vibration straight to his already weeping cock. There wasn’t a chance in hell of Rhys reeling in his lust. “Not with actual money. Only verbally. The other fellow has a good thirty pounds on him. Not to mention, his reach is longer.”
It was true, but Asher had never been to an underground match. He’d also never seen Knox fight. A smile tugged at Rhys’ lips as Asher’s breath fanned across the side of his neck. “What if we make it a wager then?” Rhys suggested. Turning his head, he brought Asher’s face into his line of sight. “If my brother wins, I get to see you again tomorrow night.”
Asher’s expression never changed but his eyes darkened. “If he loses, you have to come home with me tonight and allow me free reign over your body.”
Damned if Rhys didn’t hope Knox lost. Lowering his gaze to Asher’s mouth, he lingered there for a moment before answering. “You’re on.”
The bell rang. Rhys turned away. The awareness of Asher lingered. Knox bounced on his toes a moment before clipping his opponent across the side of the head. The crowd pressed closer to the cage in their excitement. Asher’s chest came up against Rhys’ back. Even with the thunderous cheers and jeers going on around them, he could hear Asher speaking to him quietly. “Are you hard for me?”
The horde shuffled forward as Knox’s opponent landed a blow to his shoulder. Asher used the momentum to his advantage, allowing his hips to cradle Rhys’ ass long enough for him to feel his desire. Rhys’ skin tightened as chill bumps rose on his skin. Electricity surged between them. “Answer my question,” he demanded, showing the alpha side Rhys could not resist. “Are you hard for me?”
Tilting his chin, Rhys cut his eyes at Asher as he made his admission. “I’m probably going to have a permanent limp.”
Asher’s lips twisted into a sinister grin. “Good. I’m going to fuck you. You’re never going to forget it.”
When was this goddamn fight going to end? 

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My Review:  5 stars
Ok, this is the second book that I've read where the main characters are men who fall in love. I have to admit that Charity writes this extremely well, and I really loved the characters - all of them.  I have always believed that love is love, and it's no different in this case. Rhys comes back to town for his brother's wedding, and is set up by Kerry. They make a bet and Rhys has every intention of collecting on that bet. Kerry gets her night first and while Rhys thinks he's going to be getting a piece of Kerry, but he ends up with Asher instead. The first thing that I really loved about this was after Rhys and Asher are together, Rhys makes it clear to Asher that what they shared meant something to him. While Rhys is bi-sexual, Asher wants men only. It turns out that they both want each other. Their relationship is hot, and they have some sizzling chemistry together. Both alpha-males, who know what they want out of a relationship. Asher and Rhys truly belonged together, and that's what counts. Everything goes great until Asher makes a mistake, and leaves Rhys thinking the same thing he always does - that no one wants him. It turns out to be a huge misunderstanding that spirals straight into a clusterfuck. While both Asher and Rhys are hurting over the loss of each other, weeks pass by. Finally, Kerry walks into Asher's office and lets him have it once she finds out what he did, and lets him know exactly what she thinks of it. Asher decides to take matters into his own hands and damn, that was amazing. I loved the ending and what was said to bring about that ending. Through reading this book, I discovered that sex between two people who care about each other, no matter is their gender, is and can be fantastic, passionate and sensual as sex between a man and a woman. I liked discovering that about myself. I am looking forward to reading more of Charity's work, as this was so enjoyable for me and opened up a new genre for me to explore. 

About Charity Parkerson

Charity Parkerson Charity Parkerson is an award winning and multi-published author with Ellora's Cave Publishing. Born with no filter from her brain to her mouth, she decided to take this odd quirk and insert it in her characters.

*2013 Readers' Favorite Award Winner *2013 Reviewers' Choice Award Winner *ARRA Finalist for Favorite Paranormal Romance *Five-time winner of The Mistress of the Darkpath


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