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Relentless by Anna Wells with Giveaway & Excerpt

Contemporary/Erotic Romantic Suspense
Date Published: March 25, 2014

The last thing Michaela Prentice expected was to end up in bed next to her friend Jordan Marsh after a wee bit too much champagne.  The sex was incredible but she doesn’t want their one night to ruin their friendship.

The last thing Jordan Marsh wants is to remain friends with Michaela.  They’d crossed the line from friends to lovers and that was where he was going to stay, after all he’d been relentlessly plotting her seduction for months.

Now Michaela has woken up to a slight hangover, a relationship with a guy she thought she knew, a mother planning a wedding, and a brother and a best friend who think it’s important to run a background check on your new man. What could be more normal?

Just as Michaela is beginnings to adjust to the status of their new relationship things start exploding; literally. 

Warning: This book is funny, steamy and contains sex scenes with chocolate that some readers might find delicious.


Jordan’s eyes opened at the sound of the crash.  The first thing he saw was the box of condoms on the nightstand; the second thing he saw was the expiry date on the box of condoms.  They had expired last year.  He smiled at the thought that Michaela had obviously not been entertaining very many guests, if any, since she had broken up with Noah.   Then it occurred to him that expired condoms could possibly be a mood killer.  He wouldn’t mind a baby on the way, but Michaela might want to wait awhile before they went down that particular road together.  He doubted he was going to be able to talk Michaela into any morning fun if he imparted that news to her so maybe he would wait awhile before mentioning it.  A warm smile broke across his face as he remembered the previous evening. It had been everything he’d been fantasizing about for the last six months and much more.  He rolled over in the bed intending to reach for Michaela and discovered to his disappointment that she was gone.  Lifting himself up on his elbows, he raised his head and searched the room for her.  He saw her on her knees in the bathroom scrambling to pick up the aspirin that had scattered all over the floor.  “Drop something?” he asked, slightly amused at her position.
She looked up with a rueful smile. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.  I was just trying to grab a couple of aspirin.  I seem to have a bit of a headache this morning.”
As Jordan rolled to his side the sheet dropped to his waist clearly revealing his naked chest and abdomen and his morning erection prodded eagerly against the sheet seeking attention.  Propping his head in his hand he noted with a great deal of satisfaction that Michaela couldn’t help herself from staring.  Treating her to a devilish grin, his blue eyes gleaming, he said, “I’ll just bet you do. Didn’t I warn you about that last night?”
“I seem to recall you telling me it was okay as long as I didn’t pass out,” she muttered as she finished gathering the last of the aspirin. 
Jordan would have helped her with her task if he hadn’t been admiring the enticing view of her cleavage the robe afforded while she was bent picking up the aspirin.  He felt himself responding and thought he was ready for some morning fun deciding to tell her about the expired condoms later, much later.  He wanted to call her back to the bed now, or better yet he thought, he would go get her.  Acting on his decision he started to rise out the bed. “Michaela …,” he began, his voice was husky.
Michaela appeared panicked causing Jordan to pause in his actions. She got up quickly from the bathroom floor immediately putting her hand out in front of her to halt him.   “Stop! Look Jordan before you get up, I have a few things to say.”
Jordan was a little stunned by her reaction. He’d intended to bring her back to the bed for some hot sex and Michaela was acting as if he was intent on assault. He arched a brow at her inquiringly. “Okay, go ahead,” he said slowly, completely perplexed by her mood.
Taking a deep breath she began speaking as fast as she could. “About last night, I think we’ll both agree that we were drinking and things just sort of got out of hand.  I’m sure you don’t want to put our friendship at risk any more than I do so I think it would be best if we just pretended this never happened.  After all we’re both mature adults and there is no reason for one stupid night to ruin a great friendship, right?”  She gave him a hopeful look as she finished her long-winded speech. 
Jordan hadn’t known what to expect when Michaela began talking, but it certainly wasn’t that she wanted them to be just friends.  How he could he possibly be lying here naked in her bed after sharing not one but several very intimate lovemaking sessions and then be informed that he had been relegated to the friend zone once again?  He had been so sure that he had left it behind, never to be revisited.  “You want us to be friends?” he asked slowly, positive he must have misunderstood the intent of her little diatribe.
She nodded her head smiling reassuringly. “Yeah, we’re friends, just like always.”
Jordan watched those cute little chestnut curls bounce while she nodded her head. The thought drifted through his mind that he was in love with a lunatic.  She wanted to be friends after the incredible evening they had just shared; it didn’t make sense.  What could possibly be going through that curly topped head of hers?  Was she really not interested in him in that way? She had seemed extremely interested last night, but then again she had been under the influence.  No fucking way was he returning to the friend zone.
She watched a number of expressions cross his face as he absorbed what she had to say.  Then a hard look she had never before seen appeared. “No!”  His voice was hard, uncompromising.
Startled by both the tone of his voice and his monosyllabic response she could only respond in a stunned voice. “No?”
“No,” he said, as he got off the bed oblivious to his nudity.  He bent down and began picking up the discarded condom wrappers.  He walked over to her and held them up to her face. “What are these?”
She could feel the restrained fury vibrating through his body and shit, he was sporting a very big erection.  To say she felt intimidated was an understatement.  This was a side of Jordan she had never seen before.  Where was her relaxed, easy going friend?  “Mmmm…condom wrappers?”
His voice was tight as he said, “That’s right, and how many are there?”
Okay so he was really pissed.  She felt her anxiety go up one more notch.  “Four?”
He threw the wrappers down on the floor in obvious frustration. “That’s right, four.  We didn’t have one quick and dirty session of drunken sex that we can’t remember.  We had sex all night long.  Not once, but four times, and let’s not forget that I went down on you in your living room before we even made it to the bedroom.  So do you remember all of those times?”
She cringed inwardly.  Okay so this was getting awkward. “Well, yes of course I do.”
“So you really weren’t that drunk that you can say you didn’t know what you were doing, were you?” he asked in an aggressive tone.
Was she on trial?  Cause it was beginning to feel that way.  “Okay, so I guess I wasn’t that drunk, but really do you want to ruin a friendship because of little too much champagne?” 
His patience was at the end and his irritation was growing by the minute.  He looked directly into her eyes and said, “I did not have too much champagne.   Do you really think the only reason I slept with you was because I was drunk?”
Okay so who was this guy anyway?  “Well, I guess I sort of did.”
He grabbed her chin firmly between his fingers. “Let’s get this straight, I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you.  I’ve been waiting for you to get over your breakup with Noah.  It wasn’t accidental sex, Michaela.”
“Really?  I mean, we’ve been friends for a while and nothing has ever happened, so I just thought nothing ever would.”
“We’re not friends. We’re lovers now.  Deal.”  His voice was resolute.

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Anna Wells 
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I’m an avid romance reader and enjoy all types of romance novels including historical, contemporary, paranormal, and erotica.
Oh and did I mention I have my own consulting business?
I obviously had a couple of hours left in the day so I began writing romance. I wanted to bring readers hot, sexy romances that are brought to life with compelling characters. Who knew writing romance could be as fun as reading it! 

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