Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Beautiful Liar by Glenna Maynard Review

Sometimes life has a way of deciding things for you. Some call it fate.
When Darby Stuart left her high school sweetheart on bended knee three years ago, she never dreamed of seeing him again. The past three years have been rough, but she finally has her life on track. She has new job at the Masquerade Club,and a new man in her life Turner Mathews. 
When Brody Case was left on bended knee three years ago he never gave up on his love for Darby. The past three years without her have been hell. After a failed marriage and his career taking a downward spiral he knows he must find her again. 
When fate crosses their paths once more, will Brody still feel the same when he discovers the lie Darby fed him years ago? Will fate and lies rekindle what was? Or will Darby find a new life with Turner?

My Review:
This was an interesting book. I really thought it was going to turn out one way, and then it didn't. I was actually kind of glad at the way it turned out. I can't really say I fault Darby for what she did. I think it could have been handled differently, but she was right about what would have happened. She had a rough life and she didn't need to feel guilty everything, just one thing. I'm happy that she had Turner and Caroline there in her life to help her through the tough times. I would have given this more stars, but there is just incorrect word usage and misspellings all over the place. That makes a huge difference to me, and completely derails my train of thought. It was a good story, the end was great, the characters were good. 

About the Author:

A mother by day and writer by night. When Glenna isn't writing or spending time with family you can usually find her curled up reading a great book. She has a passion for romance and paranormal reads.

Glenna was born and raised in the beautiful hills of Eastern Ky where she still resides today. Her hobbies include reading, writing, scrap-booking,and cooking.

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