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Icing on the Cake (Close To Home Series Book #2) by Karla Doyle with Excerpt & Review

Title: Icing on the Cake Author:Karla Doyle 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: July 1st, 2014
Close to Home Series ● Book 2


Nia and Conn’s wedding will be fairytale perfect…if their siblings can get along.

Free-spirited, anti-establishment Sara has always been on the outside of her family’s fairytale mold. Now she’s being forced smack into the middle of it at her sister Nia’s wedding. Alongside the cocky and annoyingly sexy best man—Conn’s cop brother.

Curtis doesn’t buy in to organized romance and fairytales. But for his brother, he’ll throw on a tux and fake it for a few hours. His flak vest would have been a better choice around the maid of honor. He should have brought his handcuffs too, because somebody needs to restrain the dark-haired spitfire—and he’s just the man for the job.

One night to indulge the spark between them, then goodbye—that was the agreement. Curtis isn’t looking for a relationship and he sure doesn’t want a troublemaker for a girlfriend. The last thing Sara needs in her daily life is a cop looking over her shoulder, no matter how hot he is.

But giving in to their chemistry is much more fun than giving it up…



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The second she’d passed the town limits, Sara hit the accelerator. Curtis grinned for no one to see and gave the Mustang gas. Thought she could shake him, did she? Not a chance. Her Trans Am was no match for his ’67 Fastback. Also, he wasn’t inclined to lose.
The woman could drive, though. She led him on a heated chase, ripping down empty rural roads, ignoring the posted speed limit, failing to stop for those irrelevant red signs on the corners. He cranked up the tunes and followed suit through every twist, turn and straightaway.
The game ended way too damn soon, with a final turn down a long, gravel laneway bordered by thick woods. Fifty feet later, they reached a charming red-sided house set on one side of a large clearing. Natural forest surrounded the massive yard, except for a small stretch on the far right side where waterfront broke the circle. On the other side of the yard stood a small smokehouse. And speaking of smoke, there was Sara’s dad, waving from his station at the barbecue, near the house’s adjoined garage.
Curtis returned the greeting, shut off the car and hopped out. No wonder his brother liked coming up here to visit the future in-laws. Not only were Peter and Meredith Chambers nice people, they had a sweet setup—if you liked the whole “serenity” scene, as Conn did. Curtis didn’t mind kicking back for short stints now and then, but too much calm and relaxation made him twitchy. Give him the adrenaline rush of ripping down a country road any day.
“You kept up,” Sara said as he rounded his car and popped the trunk.
He turned and found her leaning against the nearest vehicle, legs crossed at the ankles and arms folded across those amazing tits, straining the limits of the world’s tightest black t-shirt. Sunlight filtering through the treetops bounced off her shiny, dark hair, giving it an amber aura that matched her eyes. At the moment, those eyes were loaded with daggers, all of which were aimed at him. Deservedly so.
Didn’t change a thing though. If possible, it increased his urge to stalk over there and stake his claim on the wild-eyed beauty. He settled for the stalking part. And some looming over her, which he did with his hands tucked safely in his pockets.
“You didn’t want to lose me. Admit it.”
She admitted nothing. Just stared up at him wearing a defiant, sexy smile. “Exceeding the speed limit, failure to stop, reckless driving. I’m shocked at your blatant disregard for the law.” She tsked. “Maybe I should make a citizen’s arrest.”
“Go for it. You’ll have to hold me until an officer arrives. Think you could?” He moved closer, still keeping hands off, yet essentially pinning her to the vehicle. “I, for one, would enjoy your attempt to restrain me. Very much.”
Tires crunching over gravel and the accompanying toot of a horn interrupted whatever saucy thing would likely have flown from Sara’s lush, red lips. Instead, she pushed past him, brushing her tits against his arm and copping a feel of his groin in the process.
“Seems you’re already half-cocked at the idea.”
He threw his head back and laughed up at the trees. The silent surroundings gave the sound a booming quality. He really did have his work cut out for him this weekend. Making sure Sara behaved—he could do that. Holding himself to the same standard was looking to be the more difficult task.
She paused and looked back when he didn’t trail after her. “Are you coming?”

He snagged the bottle of Scotch from his trunk, closed it and caught up with her in two strides. One hand positioned on the small of her back, he leaned in close to her ear. “When we’re naked later, babe, you won’t have to ask. You won’t even be able to ask, because you’ll be moaning my name at the time.” He smacked her ass hard enough to make her jump, then abandoned her to join his brother on the Chambers’ deck.

My Review: 5 stars
Such a fantastic series! I have loved getting to know the characters in the series a bit better, especially Sara. Everyone makes her out to be this great big drama queen and she's so not. At least she's not trying to be. She's been through a hell of a lot in her short life and doesn't let people in - at all. This started out to be about Nia and Conn's wedding and making sure that Sara didn't mess things up. Conn asked his brother Curtis to keep an eye on Sara and make sure she kept to the plan. Only problem with that is that Curtis doesn't know how damaged Sara is inside and how little it takes to set her off. She really doesn't do it on purpose, she just reacts honestly to what people throw her way. The instant attraction between Curtis and Sara is off the charts, until Sara find out that Curtis was asked to keep an eye on her. Then she doesn't want anything to do with him - or anyone else for that matter. 
Sara is in a bad situation, and doesn't want to depend on anyone to get her out of it. Curtis is on the lookout for Sara because he can't stop thinking about her, since the time they spent together. One thing leads to another, and Sara ends up living with Curtis. Then another series of events leads both Curtis and Sara to do some things they regret. I will say I loved the ending! The story line was creative and sexy as hell. The main characters were amazing together and had such easy banter and were playful as well as understanding of each other by the end. I can't wait for the next book in the series, Karla has done a fantastic job keeping me both entertained and glued to the pages from start to finish. 

Karla Doyle
KarlaRSKarla grew up in a small town on the shore of Lake Erie. She trained and worked in the fashion industry, designing and making everything from swimwear to dog collars for most of her adult life. Karla has since traded her needle and thread for a word processor, and now spends her time writing sexy romances. When she’s not writing, she loves spending time with family, friends and her pets, as well as reading and hitting the gym. 

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