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Change Me by Lynne Taylor with Giveaway, Excerpt, Playlist & Review

Title: Change Me

Author: Lynne Taylor

Genre: Contemporary Romance

...because sometimes big changes are too much to take...

Sarah Fowler has spent her life accepting mediocrity. Being a plus-sized girl with only average looks, her self esteem leaves a lot to be desired. 

When the most perfect male God has ever created approaches her, Sarah battles with herself, wanting desperately to believe her fairy tale is coming true. Will she be able to accept his advances as genuine? Will she step out of her private, comfortable world and allow herself to be vulnerable to him? 

Dane McAllister is a heart-throb of a man who has his own demons. Having a rocky past, he has all but sworn off women. But when he sees Sarah, his world begins to turn again. There's something about her that draws him in. 

Will Dane be able to truly overcome his past and be the man Sarah longs for, or will he deepen her lifelong wounds?

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“My God. If you get any sweeter, I’m going to have to have you for dessert!” I say, widening my eyes crazily and suddenly begin growling and fake-biting at her neck playfully.
She wiggles and laughs out loud as I tighten my hold on her not letting her escape my playful attack. This is so much fun! We struggle and play until she loses her footing and I collapse on top of her on the couch.  Her twinkling eyes tell me she’s quite comfortable…and happy to be beneath me.
I can’t fight it. I have to kiss her. I stare into her eyes intently and lightly brush the strands of hair off her forehead, then stroke her cheek with the back of my hand. I bring my lips so close to hers and pause. I have to. Otherwise, there will be no dinner. Finally, when I feel I can have an element of control, I gently brush my lips against hers. The intensity that passes through this tender kiss is overwhelming. My mind goes dizzy as she wraps her arms around my neck drawing me in closer. When she feels my arousal through my pants pressed against her thigh I can tell she is pleased by the moan I feel humming through her lips, lighting a fire deep in my soul. She moves slightly, and I can tell she wants to feel it. I re-position myself with a slight grind, causing her to pull her head back breathlessly while I caress her exposed neck. Suddenly ripped from our heady affections, the annoying knock at the door causes me to drop my head defeated into the crook of her neck with a frustrated groan. She giggles and laughing with her is all I am able to do.
As I climb off of her to stand I catch her eyes widening in amazement as she checks out my package. Thank goodness these pajama pants have a button closure on the fly, or she may have seem more than she bargained for. She sees my reaction to her stare and begins to blush, so I give her a silly hip wiggle just to make her laugh. She throws both hands over her eyes laughing hysterically and I head to the door to collect our dinner.


A Thousand Years-Christina Perri

Just the Way You Are-Bruno Mars

My Heart Is Open-Keith Urban
Count Me In- Deana Carter
Rumor Has It-Adele
Start of Something Good-Daughtry
She’s Got This Thing About Her- Chris Young
Give In To Me-Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meister
Will You Marry Me- John Berry
Shameless-Garth Brooks
I’ll Always Be Your Baby- Natalie Grant
Yours Forever-Dara McLean
At Last- Etta James
For You I Will - Monica

My Review: 5 stars
I thought going into this that this would be a straight forward book with romance between two people. Man, was I wrong. But in such a good way. There were so many relationships that went on in this book, and not like I thought either. I could tell you about it, but where would the fun be in that? Suffice it to say, this was a very unique, well thought out book from beginning to end. A bit compliated, but that's one of the things that made it good. I enjoyed the passion, the heartache, revenge, redemption and every little bit, even the drama was good. I loved the characters in this book. All of them. Yes, the book was mainly about Sarah and Dane, but also Jake and Janie and Jenna and Matt. There were some unexpected turns along the way, and towards the end, I wasn't sure how it would all turn out. Lynne certainly knocked me off my feet with this book, and I'm looking forward to reading more of her work.

Author Bio
I was born and raised in Michigan, though I absolutely hate winters! Why do I stay? Because I would rather freeze half to death and brave the wintery travel than to be more than a couple of miles away from my family.
I am a mother to an Awesome, Unique, Talented, Intelligent, Special, Magnificent little girl…and if you didn’t catch the acronym, she is autistic. She makes life interesting, and I am blessed to say that she is not severely affected by it. She’s a quirky little thing that holds my whole heart in her little hand, even when she is acting out. I also have been wearing the hat of stepmother to two girls much older than my six year old. I have been a major player in raising them for the last 17 years, and am glad to say they have survived and are in their early 20’s now.

My husband…the best on the planet. He is truly the other half of me. I may not have gotten it right the first time around, but I like to think of my first marriage as practice to make this one perfect…and it worked!

It wasn’t until I recently got into my 40’s that I decided to write fiction. I have always been well-versed in writing business letters and that sort of communication, but never believed I had the ability to write a complete novel. When I could no longer combat the nagging in my soul to just start writing, Change Me flowed like water.  In fact, the entire prologue was typed into my phone on notepad! Shocked by how well that went, I felt a spark in me that I could not extinguish unless I was writing. I am so proud of the book itself, but pretty dang surprised that I accomplished something I believed impossible. Now I have several more book ideas waiting in the wings to be written. It’s like I opened Pandora’s Box!

When I’m not working as a business manager of a veterinary hospital, in my very minimal free time I love to cook and dream up new recipes. I especially like to bake and create new luscious desserts. Planning and catering parties are challenges I love to take on every chance I get.  I absolutely love to be on the back of a motorcycle riding with my husband, though I don’t get to do it nearly as often as I would like. Crafts? You bet! Music-absolutely a necessity of life. But when I found myself with no time for reading I about lost my mind! Big props to the person who invented the Kindle, who thereby provided the opportunity to reunite me with my favorite pastime.

My dreams? Well, I generally am a “keep it simple” sort of person, but I hope to someday visit every tropical paradise possible! A beach chair, my kindle, and a cold drink, soaking up the sun while the surf whispers in my ear sounds like pure Heaven on Earth to me!
More than anything, I hope that I somehow leave a positive and lasting impression on the people I come in contact with, no matter what form of contact that may be.  

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  1. Just wanted to give you a HUGE thank you for the glowing review and for supporting me on this blog tour! Bloggers are amazing people and without you Change Me would be dead in the water. Big Love to all who helped to make it happen! ~Lynne~