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Wanting Reed (Break Me #2) by Antoinette Candela Release Day Blitz with Giveaway & Excerpt

Title: Wanting Reed (Break Me #2)
Author: Antoinette Candella
Release Date: January 31, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance

“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.”
How do you live with yourself when you are the reason you lost the one thing that meant the most to you. 
Timing is everything and for Reed, he can never seem to catch a break. When Reed returns to Boston to redeem himself he finds that Elle has already moved on, building a new life, a new beginning. He needs her to know that he meant every word before he left, that he never meant to leave her. Will he ever get that chance to tell her?
How do you love again when the one person who made you feel like you were his whole world left you with a broken heart? Hoping that life and new friends could keep her memories and feelings for Reed at bay, Elle chases life and all that it has to offer until she is confronted with heartbreak again.
Is time and space enough to get past losing your once in a lifetime or will Elle be always Wanting Reed?

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“Ugh,” Tommy moans. "I can’t wait to get the credit card bill.”
“Relax, baby. It wasn’t all for me. I picked you up some goodies, too.”
“Don’t scare me.  Last time you bought me khakis."
“No clothes this time.  Just toys.” She winks, brandishing a bag from Condom World.
“All right, TMI.” I cringe.  The last thing I want to hear about is what Tommy and Juju do in the bedroom.  Elle laughs.
“I may have picked up a little something from there. For us,” Elle murmurs, running her hands over the muscles of my arms. “I can always take everything back.”
“God, doll.” I smile and shake my head as she runs her hands down the front of my shirt and pulls on the belt loop of my jeans until our hips touch. I can feel her breath quicken. “This teasing has got to stop, or I’m gonna have to take you right here.” I eye her up and down, summoning every ounce of willpower not to throw her over my shoulder and take her to the bathroom. “Can you at least tell me what you bought?” She shakes her head, exhales and runs her tongue along my bottom lip.
“And where’s the fun in that?” she replies in a shaky breath.
"Looks like you two need to be alone.” Juju wiggles her eyebrows and throws herself on Tommy.
"No more shopping trips. This is it. The rest of the time we'll be hanging out together until you guys leave next week,” I say, inhaling the sweet smell of her hair.
“How about we play some pool?” Juju chirps.
"All the tables are taken,” I groan, mentally wincing that my chance to get Elle home early is slipping out of my fingers.  I frown when Tommy snatches a table from a couple of guys finishing up. I'm starting to think that Tommy hates me.
“Why are you frowning, baby?" Elle asks.  You don't wanna play pool with me?" Her intense gaze causes my dick to twitch.
“I think I’d rather play with you in bed," I growl into her ear as I tug playfully on her hair.
"I’ve got a better idea." I see her brow crinkle, and I know she’s thinking about me as she chews on her bottom lip.
“I'm listening," I reply, hopeful as I run my teeth over my bottom lip.
“If you win, you choose whatever it is you want from me.”
"Anything?" My mind goes wild thinking about her in nothing but red lace.  I may need to pick up those cuffs she’s made reference to before we go home. I don’t doubt her skills at pool. Shit. I have never seen her play, and I’m pretty good. Either way, win or lose, I'm going to come out on top.
"And if I lose?" I say, quirking an eyebrow in amusement.
"I make you my sexual slave," she whispers with a distractively sexy half-smile on her lips.
I think my dick just ripped a hole in my boxers and is ready to burst my zipper. Fuck winning. I'm losing. 
"Let's go."
We've been playing pool for about thirty minutes, and Elle is horrible. I have to top her shitty pool skills by being equally horrible. I want to lose.  I'm curious about her whole slave idea. We haven’t been together that long, and it makes me wonder if she's got this super kinky side. She grins at me and then leans over the table, eyeing me seductively.
 "What’s your next move?”  I chuckle, observing her trying to handle the stick. I want her to handle mine instead. She walks around the table, twirling her hair and trying to get the best angle for the shot, sometimes purposely putting her sweet ass within my reach. I'm no dummy. I smack it every time she offers it. “You really aren’t good at pool, are you?” I grin, admiring her ass in her tight jeans.
"Stop it, Reed." She pouts, struggling with the stick.
"You want me to help you, baby?” Rising from my stool before she can answer, I stand behind her as she's bent over the table. Her scent envelops me as I nuzzle my nose in her hair. "I like you in this position," I growl, nibbling her ear as I tug her hair.
"Are you guys playing pool or making a porno?” Tommy laughs from the table with Juju looking on with a smirk on her face.
"Sounds like fun, don’t ‘cha think?" Elle peeks over her shoulder.  Her eyes twinkle devilishly. "You're losing on purpose." She laughs.
"The way I see it, I win either way.”
God, the fact that I am back here with her now makes me the luckiest fucking man alive.
"I can't get a good angle to get a shot in." She frowns, turning her attention to the table.
"I know a lot of good angles." I cock an eyebrow at her and grab her waist. This constant touching is torturing me. I need a release really soon. This game is dragging.
"How about we make this the last shot? If you make it, I lose. I’m your slave. If you don't make it, I’m still your slave."
"You're really curious about this whole slave thing I have planned, aren't you?" she teases, cocking her head to one side as she winds her hair around her finger.
I nod my head adamantly.  "Hell yeah, between you mentioning the cuffs and this, I think there’s plenty I still don’t know about you that I’m eager to discover.”
"Be careful what you wish for," she says, flirting shamelessly with me.
"Fuck, doll, I'm gonna love whatever it is you have planned. Just take the shot so we can get outta here."

Book One - Breaking Elle 

About the Author
Antoinette Candela is a little shy with a larger than life personality. Suffering from Peter Pan syndrome, she refuses to grow up. She finds inspiration for her writings from everyday life, through her fun and quirky interactions with friends and family and the drama that never ceases to disappoint.
One thing is for certain, Antoinette lives by her own rules. As a Bostonian she loves the Yankees and is proud to wear her “I Love Derek Jeter “T-shirt. You can catch Antoinette on the beach soaking in the rays, but when the rumble of the thunderstorm rolls in, she’s curled up with a book or tapping away on her keyboard.
Mother, Writer, Reader, Lover of Music and all things learning, Antoinette is the charismatic author of Breaking Elle.

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