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Saying Goodbye by Mahima Martel Spotlight with Giveaway & Excerpt

No matter how strong the relationship, or powerful the attraction at some time we all must say goodbye. 

In 1964 the winds of change blows across the Atlantic from England to America and sparks a cultural and social revolution. Traditional values of the past are replaced with more modern attitudes caused by the hottest tunes and the latest dance craze. 

Vivacious Hollywood starlet Frankie Robinson has no romantic expectations when she meets the dark and introspective Alex Rowley, guitarist for one of the hottest British bands—The Dark Knights. During their first dance, they step into each other's rhythm, as though partners in another life. 

For an eager young couple, neither Frankie nor Alex anticipates the scandal their public relationship will cause—reputations must be protected and images need to be maintained. As Frankie and Alex dream of a life together, agents and managers worry of the monies lost and the dangers to their perspective clients. Frankie and Alex are to be kept apart no matter what tragic cost.

Behind the closed curtains of celebrity life, Frank and Alex find a way to keep their private love alive despite all obstacles. 

           Alex walked through the party, studying the guests carefully, with his cigarette between his lips and a glass of whiskey in his hand. Tonight, after the Hollywood Bowl concert, Alex felt on the top of the world. He had more money, fame, and women than any twenty-one-year-old could possibly imagine, but then he caught sight of the one thing that would take his life to the very pinnacle of success: Hollywood starlet Frankie Robinson.
            Alex had first noticed her in American magazines and even saw her once on television. He was totally smitten with her, though they had never met. There was something about her that he noticed was lacking in other girls: passion, fire, and an overall joie de vivre. During his globe-trotting years, all the girls he had met were the same—sweet, demure, and oftentimes downright submissive. It wasn’t that he disliked these qualities; they had their purpose (especially when one was trying to make an easy conquest), but the girls with the independent spirits were the ones that Alex was truly attracted to. Perhaps it was because deep inside he felt he had that same spirit within himself.
            Alex’s attention was now focused solely on Frankie. She was even sexier in person than what he had seen on television. She was wearing a tight sundress that fit snuggly over her curvaceous yet athletic figure, with a thick mass of untamed blonde hair, and pouty full lips. Taking it all in, Alex transformed into the cartoon characterization of a hound dog. When she turned and flashed him a cute smile, the infamous bad boy Alex Rowley turned to mush. Frankie Robinson had gotten to him.

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About the Author: 

Mahima Martel - My premiere focus in writing is love within drama, or dramatic love. I am fascinated by the human condition and what drives people to do what they do. Mostly, I have found it is love, or lack of love that motivates people, whether it is to inspire to greatness, or to the depth of depravity. “Saying Goobye, What the World Doesn’t Know,” is based on a true story I uncovered hidden deep within the tabloids of the early 1960’s. I could definitely see how the love of these two characters could inspire each other to great heights...and it did so.

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  1. Looks quite interesting, I'm a big fan of books that examine our values.