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All Shook Up by Jacy Oliver with Giveaway & Review

All Shook Up
It Happened in Vegas
Book One
Jacy Oliver
Genre: Romance

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Book Description:
Kate Cook got a steal on a cheap dependable car. The only catch, she has to fly down to Las Vegas to pick it up. When she arrives at the dealership, she runs into a problem, the kind that threatens to ruin more than just her day.
Fortunately, she is rescued by Coulter Holt, a businessman with problems of his own.  Namely, a vindictive step-mother who will do anything to get Coulter to see things her way. Which includes destroying his relationship with his father, jeopardizing Coulter's million-dollar conglomerate.
Feeling she needs to repay him for rescuing her, Kate agrees to help him thwart his step-mother by pretending to be Coulter's fiancée.
But under the dazzling lights of Las Vegas where anything is possible, Kate feels the sparks began to fly between her and Coulter, and she realizes this favor might wind up costing her more than just time, it might just steal her heart. 

“Hey,” I hear a male voice say. But I’m sure he isn’t talking to me so I ignore him.
“Hey you!”
Hearing the clear irritation in his voice. I look up and without thinking, I snap back “What?”
The guy behind the wheel of a bright red convertible sports car—wait—the super good looking guy behind the wheel, smiles at me and says, “are you Katie?”
I blanch. I have to think—is my name Katie? Duh Katie, yes it is. But only my family calls me Katie. To friends and everyone else, I’m Kate or Katherine. I look behind me to make sure he isn’t talking to someone else. Nope there’s no one behind me.
“What?” I say again just to make sure that the stress from today’s events haven’t made me delusional.
The guy behind the wheel shakes his head “You’re Katie Cook?”
Oh he is talking to me? Was that a question or a statement? I’m not sure.
He gets out of his car and comes around to me. I stare opened mouthed. He is drop dead gorgeous. His hair is dark brown and curly, slightly tousled from the wind. He is clean shaven; his jaw is strong and square. His lips are perfectly carved, they look soft and subtle, completely kissable. He starts walking toward me with broad shoulders and slender hips. He is wearing dark, blue jeans, a collared white and blue, striped shirt with a dark, blue V-neck sweater that is rolled and scrunched at his elbows. He looks like an ad for sex, the hot steamy, never get— enough kind.
He stands in front of me, giving me a million dollar smile. His perfect white teeth gleam in the sun. It looks like he’s just gotten done shooting a tooth-paste ad. I have to crank my head all the way back to look at him.
“You want a ride? He asks and cocks his head to the side, still smiling.
I raise my eyebrows. Do I want a ride? My thoughts go south, to some very naughty places. I say the words in my head again, do I want a ride? Katherine Cook, I scold myself. My eyebrows scrunch, and I can feel my cheeks flush. That’s it! Its official! I have lost my mind. This is not real. I press my fingers into my forehead, relieving the ache that has formed. I’m going to open my eyes and Mr.—only in my dreams—will be gone. I open my eyes to a pair of large round, blue-black eyes covered with thick dark lashes, staring at me. I’m dumbfounded. My fantasy is still here. The synapses between my brain and mouth are misfiring, and I’m unable to find the words to speak. He smiles at me, oh those lips, then stands. He picks up my small, carry- on suitcase, and I watch him take it and stow it behind the driver’s seat of his car.
“Are you going to get in?” He asks, and he gets back into the car.
I blink, and take a breath, trying to regain my senses. “How do you know my name?” I stammer, finally managing words.
“I owe a favor to Aaron, and he’s cashing it in.”
“Aaron who?” Even though I know, okay, I hope he is talking about Aaron Reed, the guy who tried to help me buy a car, I still have to ask.
He tucks his chin down, giving me the eye, silently saying— you know who I’m talking about.
Okay, so I’m going to hope it’s my Aaron as I look down at my phone— still no call from my dad.
“Get in the car Katie,” annoyance in his voice.
I sigh. “My parents told me never to get in cars with strangers, what’s your name?” I smile at him and give him the same head cock.
He shoves his aviator sunglasses on, and gives me that megawatt smile again. “Get in the car, and I will tell you.”
Oh, he wants to play a game. I’m in no mood for games. I cross my arms in defiance. Could this day get any worse?
“Tell me first, and then I will get in your car,” I push my sunglasses down on my face and smile, showing my teeth.
“Get in the car Katie. I have your suitcase,” he says in a playful tone, but I can tell he’s serious. Oh shoot, why did I let him take it? I feel my insides tighten, and my stomach is doing a continuous somersault in my belly. My knees feel weak, and my body buzzes with a hyper-awareness. My gaze flits from the car to him and back again. I’m too nervous to keep looking at him, but too scared he’ll disappear if I don’t look back. I’m completely and so utterly turned on. I pick up my bag and take a step toward him. Am I really going to get into the car with this guy, he could be a serial killer for all I know. He could have gotten my name from somewhere— I don’t know where—Facebook? I feel my phone buzz in my hand which pulls me from my silent babble. I look down at the caller ID, it’s my dad.
“Hello…okay…yes...” I look up at the gorgeous stranger in the car, I can feel his eyes on me, “okay…all right...” I feel a bit brave behind my sunglasses, so I give a wry smile and arch my eyebrow at him… “Sound goods…okay…I will…you too…bye.”
I shoulder my bag and step up to the car. Mr. Tooth-paste ad leans over, opens the door for me, and I slide into the seat, sitting my bag on the floor between my legs. We sit for a minute until I look over to him confused. “I’m in the car, you can go now.”

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My Review: 4 1/2 Stars
This was a really good read. I had thought I'd just get a start on it and the next thing I knew it's one o'clock in the morning and I'm just grinning from finishing this book. This was a mixture of Cinderella with a dash of Elvis that was just too fun to put down. I thought that Katie was so much fun, when she stopped overthinking things. Even when she did, her thoughts were very entertaining. I absolutely loved the way that Cole ( Mr. Toothpaste Ad) obtained his information from Katie. I really just enjoyed reading about the way that Katie and Cole's relationship developed and the way that Katie just stood her ground when it came to certain things and people. The end was fantastic and so romantic - if a bit hectic with everything going on around Katie and Cole. Jacy did a great job. I couldn't put this down once I started. 

About the Author:

Jacy Oliver, has always had a thing about writing. She is a graduate of Idaho State University and when she’s not writing she spends most of her days working the family business and even then sometimes she writes. She is highly sarcastic and loves to laugh and have a good time. ‘All Shook Up’ is her debut novel.


  1. Hey, thank you so much for the spotlight and the review. I'm glad you enjoyed All Shook Up. --Jacy

  2. Booklunatic, you couldn't have said better. I loved this book and am a huge fan of Jacy! Elvis maybe dead but his appearance in this book was a wonderful touch!

    1. Thanks so much Emma! This was my first Jacy book, hopefully not the last. :)