Friday, November 8, 2013

Pictures of You by Lynsie Buchanan with Giveaway & Review

Title: Pictures of You
Author:  Lynsie Buchanan
Genre: Paranormal Romance 18+
Publication Date:   September 6, 2013
Cover:  Renae Porter
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Photos. Scattered across her mind and the pages of her book. Meadow takes pictures of the places she sees in her dreams with him…hoping that one day it might make him real. In her real life, everything has already been decided for her. All she has to do is accept it. Giving up on the fantasy, she thinks she can choose the man that’s right in front of her in the flesh…until she meets the one in her dreams.

Gareth is fierce and demanding in his need for Meadow and her body cannot deny him. Can she have this man without destroying her life and the lives of those around her?
My Review: 4 Stars
This was an interesting book. Although at times it was difficult to get into. I thought Lynsie did a great job creating her world with the different species. Although I did find that a bit confusing. I thought that Meadow and Gareth made a fantastic couple. I mean, who finds their soul mate when they're six years old? Gareth, that's who. Meadow was just a baby, but they made that connection, and it didn't break. Meadow spent her whole life dreaming of Gareth, not knowing his name or if he's even real.  She takes pictures of the places they go in her dreams and has an album she keeps secret. Then she takes a vacation to try and get her head straight because of things that are happening, and meets Gareth face to face. That's fate, right there. She tries to deny what they have, and is unable to until forced to think a different way when she sees something out of context. I would have liked if there was more explaining why her race didn't like wolves, and also about the other races and other places that were traveled to. This is a good start to what could be a great series. I'm looking forward to possibly reading more about Gareth and Meadow and their families. 

About the Author: 

Wine drinker…vodka lover… feisty, red-headed girl that currently lives in Texas but is not opposed to relocating to a place on a remote beach somewhere in the Caribbean. When she is not daydreaming or drinking with friends she is usually teaching small children or checking out good looking guys for her next novel.

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  1. Thanks for taking time to review the book!!! I'm looking forward to writing more about this world <3!!

    1. Thank you Lynsie!! I'm looking forward to reading more about it. :)