Friday, November 8, 2013

Ghosts of the Falls by Sarah Gilman with Giveaway & Review

Ghosts of the Falls
Sarah Gilman
Release Date: 10/28
Genre: Ghosts, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Entangled

Book Description:

Determined to prove she’s fit for the family business, exorcist Jade Clarence knows the assignment waiting in Maine is her last chance. Born into a family of exorcists, Jade’s unorthodox ideas have gotten her into trouble in the past...and cost the life of a client.

After haunting a Maine state park for more than a century, Dutch Hutchinson will do whatever it takes to bring an end to his unfulfilling existence. When an act of arson brings a beautiful exorcist to town, Dutch takes corporeal form in order to spend his last hours in her company.

Jade quickly uncovers Dutch’s true identity and finds herself falling for the man behind the spirit. But when Jade’s legacy threatens their future, they will have to overcome the greatest of odds—life and death.

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My Review: 3 stars
This was definitely a completely different take on paranormal romance. I liked it to a certain extent. I liked that Dutch was able to do what he did, but found it strange that Jade couldn't sense him in corporeal form. That goes against everything I've ever read about the types of abilities that Jade had. I did like that Dutch was the one who called to have himself exorcised, tired of dwelling in-between. I did like that Dutch and Jade had pretty instant chemistry. It was innovative of Sarah to find a way for them to be together, and I thought that part was interesting. Overall the characters were interesting, and if you're not too much into the paranormal, you would enjoy this book. 
About the Author: 

Sarah Gilman started her first novel in third grade. She never finished that story, but never gave up the dream. Her fascination with wings also began at that age, when images of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis captured her imagination and never let go. Now a paranormal romance writer, she employs her love of writing to bring the allure of winged creatures to the pages of her novels. Sarah lives in Vermont with her supportive husband and two spoiled cats.

Sarah writes for Entangled Publishing.

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